Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

Hope Church supports missions and missionaries as well as church planting networks. We have intentionally based our support on relationship--knowing those who have a proven track record of fruitfulness and effectiveness. Our Missions focus starts first in our city, then to our region, and then to the nations of the world. We also partner with disaster relief organizations and other churches and ministries because it raises our effectiveness in fulfilling our mission.

Ministry Networks/Partners

Hope Church partners with other ministries to be more effective in our mission.
Our ministry networks and partners are listed here.

Active Missionaries

Brandon & Bethany Baird

Brandon & Bethany founded Loving Nations, a ministry to children and teens in Guyamas, Sonora, Mexico. Their vision is to establish a community center and a house of refuge for orphaned or abandoned teens, provide education services and skills training for employment. They desire to see children and young people encounter the life found in Christ!!

Robert & Vicki Koch

Robert & Vicki are veteran pastors and leaders who serve with the US MAPS ministry of the Assemblies of God. Their ministry is characterized by being a ministry of support and encouragement to churches and pastors. They come along side them an d add their strength to help fulfill the vision of the local church.

Bonnie Hernandez

Norman Knoodle

Bonnie Hernandez and her family ministers in Nicaragua helping to reach the next generation for Christ in that nation! They work with over 20 schools and over 6,000 children to bring education and aid to the most needy. Over the last several years they have planted two churches and built a new school. Their heart and vision is to raise up Nicaraguan nationals to be missionaries, pastors and leaders to reach their nation and the world!

Sharon Reeves

Sharon Reeves is a pioneer and bold evangelist in Germany where she has helped plant churches since 1989. Through her heart and vision for Germany, Sharon has planned, strategized and preached on streets with the vision to plant an international Pentecostal church in Berlin. In October of 2019, Sharon launched the church plant for New Beginnings International Church! She continues to build the church and reach the city of Berlin for Christ!

Aaron & Annette Koepp

Aaron & Annette have been in missions since 2005. They have ministered in in Morocco where they learned Arabic and worked alongside veteran missionaries in their church planting efforts.  They  also worked with Convoy of Hope in a rural area where there was no visible witness for Christ. In 2012 the Koepp's moved to Egypt and helped as team staff setting up Live Dead Cairo, a training team for new missionaries.  It was an exciting time as they saw the team grow from the first team meeting of nine people, to over 70 people in just two years! In 2016, they moved to Paris, France where they  pastor an Arabic church in partnership with a French AG church.
Norman & Cheryl Knoodle are pastors and ministers with the US MAPS ministry of the Assemblies of God. They have provided construction expertise in the building of churches and ministry facilities throughout the US. They bring together retired builders and construction personnel to volunteer to build and remodel church facilities around the nation.

David & Lorna Joannes

David & Lorna are the founders of Within Reach Global, a ministry that is impacting the nations of the 10/40 window. They train leaders, host missions teams, evangelize, disciple, and are expanding their mission to facilitate the training of thousands of pastors and leaders for church planting and evangelism in the 10/40 window. Exceptional leaders with an apostolic calling, David & Lorna are expanding the impact of the kingdom of God in Asia!

Paul Carruthers

Paul Carruthers, a missionary chaplain at the Caring House on the Gila River Reservation in Sacaton, AZ offers support and ministry to those at Phoenix Indian Medical Center, Banner University/Good Samaritan Medical Center—providing spiritual support and care baskets to patients. He also conducts weekly services at two locations on the Gila River Reservation giving hope and encouragement to our native American community there.

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