Growth Track

Discovering your purpose is what Growth Track is all about. It is a series of five classes that serve as a catalyst for your spiritual growth.

Conversion 101
This class focuses on the foundations of your relationship with Christ - repentance, faith, and baptism.
Even if you are familiar with these truths, this class reinforces and establishes them with strength in your life.

Commitment 201
In this class you will learn about the vision and mission of Hope Church, our leadership structure, and how to
become a member. It will focus on giving you the opportunity to know who we are, where we are going, and how to partner with us.

Character 301
The heart and habits of a disciple is the focus of this class. The attitudes you have determine the altitude of your
maturity in Christ. You will understand the keys to developing a life-giving heart and godly habits for your journey of faith.

Charisma 401
Discovering your purpose and how you can fulfill it is very important. You were created with a personality and given
spiritual gifts to serve God's purpose on earth and in His Church. This class focuses on helping you understand how God wired
you and then assesses your spiritual gifts--giving you opportunities to serve in your sweet spot!

Commission 501
Here we focus on what it looks like to serve well on a team. Ministry takes place through teams and at Hope Church this
is the essence of our ministry philosophy -- team ministry. Our volunteers serve on the Dream Team and this training helps
each person to maximize their potential and their partnership with other members of the team. A powerful prayer of commissioning
seals this class and the Growth Track teaching into the lives of the attendees.

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